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El Dorado [English]

Dinsdag 27 Juni 2017
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Since the 16th century, the Spanish and Portuguese started to explore and conquer South America where they sought valuables, riches and gold. These explorers (conquistadores) came into contact with the indigenous peoples who had crafted beautiful objects from gold and silver, fuelling their interest and greed.

They told the newcomers a story about a king, covered in gold dust, who cast gold and precious jewels into a lake like its abundance made it worthless and a legend was born. A legend the conquistadores could hardly resist. The story gradually evolved from a king covered in gold to an entire golden city hidden somewhere in South America to this very day as the many expeditions carried out by the conquistadores were unsuccesfull….

Only a fraction of our history is known and many, many questions remain. It is this search for answers while uncovering great and small wonders about our past that make archaeology so fascinating.
Become part of this fascinating world and visit our exhibition TOP or TOPIC, archaeological Highlights and Mysteries from the Maastricht area at Centre Céramique.
El Dorado is (obviously) not on display, but over a hundred dazzling objects are. Maybe you can solve some great mysteries yourself while gazing at these archaeological highlights?

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